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  • CBD isolate is a crystalline powder comprising pure CBD, containing zero amounts of THC. Simply put, CBD isolate is CBD in its most pure and concentrated state.

    Studies have shown CBD works by acting on the naturally producing cannabinoid receptors in the human brain and can cause several effects in the body including:

    • Boosting of the immune system
    • Increasing appetite
    • Reducing anxiety
    • Reducing seizures
    • Relieving pain and inflammation
    • Counteracting the formation of tumors
    • Rejuvenating serotonin levels

    Odorless and tasteless, this powder is a very functionable and versatile option for those looking to incorporate CBD into their daily routine. Try it sublingually or add it to coffee/tea, juices or smoothies. Create CBD-infused meals and desserts or create your own CBD pet treats! You can even add this magical powder to your skincare routine for a DIY facial treatment. Locally sourced and third party tested, our CBD isolate is the perfect choice for beginner users.

    CBD Isolate

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