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  • CBD wax is a very popular form of cannabis concentrate, appreciated enthusiasts and amateurs alike. The word “wax” is typically associated with dabs. The two terms are essentially interchangeable in the world of cannabis. This type of concentrate wax is semi-soft, opaque, and usually tannish or yellow in color, offering over 70% CBD. 

    Due to this high concentration, CBD wax dabs are considered more effective and efficient than smoking your traditional flower. Herbal Remedies’ wax is also Full Spectrum meaning it contains all of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes, including THC, in the cannabis plant. Known as the entourage effect, it is considered the most successful for pain relief and relaxation.

    Please note, Full Spectrum CBD will not get you high but does contain trace amounts of THC (0.3%). As of 2018, all CBD products containing THC must have percentages below the federal legal limit of 0.3%.

    Full Spectrum CBD Wax

    • Free shipping over $50

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